Brewer's Aid

Brewer’s Aid (Version 2.0 2024)

A new simple tool for the beginner or intermediate all grain home brewer. Brewer's Aid will allow you to create your brew recipe in a easy chronological order of tasks. You can set alarms at each step and when you start the brew, Brewer's Aid will count down and alert you to the next task in your All Grain or Extract brewing process. A Pale Ale All Grain example recipe is included. You can also select to use Imperial or Metric units of measure. Enjoy brewing with the peace of mind you haven't missed a step.

Main menu

Open your own brew or select the Tiki Days Pale Ale to get started.


Customise your settings with default information for new brews, and indicate if you are a Beginner, Intermediate or an Advanced brewer. This is important as only the tasks you are rated for will be presented to you during the brew.

View, Edit your Brew

Edit your brew using simple one, two, three ...tasks steps for a brewer to complete to get the result you want.

Brewer Information

Here you can store your Name, Email,  Tap or Brewer logo, and even the bottle or can label for brewers to print out and use.

Advanced Information

This tab is for recording more advanced information like SRM, IBU and ABV.


Export your ingredients to a CSV file, or copy and paste for convenient ordering.


Once you are ready, hit Start Brew and Brewer's Aid will step through each task to create the beer giving you alerts and instructions all the way through.

Available Soon